Why Business Coaches Should Implement KPIs

Author Alex Noble wrote in Sunshine through Shadows, “Success is not a place at which one arrives, but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” Most people enjoy a sequel, so to borrow from Hollywood, I’ll will continue the journey with guns blazing on how to implement Key Performance Indicators (#KPIs) by … More Why Business Coaches Should Implement KPIs

Implementing KPIs – Tiger by the Tail

You started the discovery process to identify the top 10 Key Performance Indicators using tips from my last column, “Not All KPIs are Treated Equally”. Remember the 10 KPIs selected shouldidentify the now so you can take corrective action. Now the question is how best to implement and empower the organizationto adopt these metrics? This column will … More Implementing KPIs – Tiger by the Tail

Welcome to webKPI

Welcome to webKPI.  Our site is dedicated to Key Performance Indicator Management and Business Intelligence tools.  Previously reserved for large organizations, BI tools, through the power of SaaS computing, have become affordable to many small to medium size companies.  Yet, how do we best educate the market on the value they can tap into for their … More Welcome to webKPI