Welcome to webKPI

webKPIWelcome to webKPI.  Our site is dedicated to Key Performance Indicator Management and Business Intelligence tools.  Previously reserved for large organizations, BI tools, through the power of SaaS computing, have become affordable to many small to medium size companies.  Yet, how do we best educate the market on the value they can tap into for their business?

One person this week gave us the following observation which I thought was interesting:

Accountants are well versed in reading financial reports to discern the health of a business.  They are often not well suited for data visualization. Clients, alternatively, consume data visually rather than through a sea of numbers.  In this dichotomy lies an opportunity for accountants to engage clients through a blend of traditional accounting reports alongside graphical representations of quantitative data.

The stock market software has educated an entire generation to look for graphs and red/green light indicators.  Traditional financial statements are the same template they have been for years.  What are your thoughts?  Is there room for both?


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